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By introducing an all-inclusive Cross-Chain DeFi Protocol

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Discover the most inclusive set of Cross-chain DApps Pushing interoperability at the forefront of adoption


Mobile-First DeFi

DeFi Platform

Simplifying the defragmented blockchain connectedness through a suite of chain agnostic protocols. We are eliminating the need to jump on endless applications and bring the most inclusive framework of DeFi solutions to empower Innovators, Institutions, Builders and Investors.

A Multi-chain incubation & grant program HyperLaunch

Spherium’s native multi-chain program to facilitate cross-chain integration for any token yielding project
Supported Interoperable
Supported Interoperable Blockchains

Security Parameter Engaged

  • Long testnet phases for bug fixes & vulnerability identification.
  • Audited by industry leading partners
  • Adoption of practises to safeguard liquidity & assets locked
  • Invoked smart contract code functionalities to detect and mitigate attacks

Ecosystem Backers

Audited Reports

Check out the live audit reports, bug fixes and recertification in smart contracts.

Media And Publications

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Spherium Finance across major publications.

Nov 24, 2021
Unveils a cross-chain incubation and grant program

A fully decentralized cross-chain interoperable protocol for creating liquidity and swapping tokens.
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August 31, 2022
31 Top singapore financial-exchanges companies

We selected these startups/companies for exceptional performance
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June 15, 2021
Spherium-Finance receives third place in dorahacks hackathon

In the recently concluded DoraHacks Hackathon, Spherium emerged 3rd among the elite competition.
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May 17, 2021
Private Round sees Spherium raise a total of $3.3 million

Spherium recently announced that they had successfully closed their seed and private sale rounds
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